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Madan Kumar Muthu | Parvati Valley
Madan Kumar Muthu | Parvati Valley The Ganapati season is live in Bombay and with my birthday being in the same week, all I planned was to kill my time in Bombay with friends. But just a week before the fest aviaries a friend convinced me… Read More
Joseph Paul George | Bhutan
Joseph Paul George | Bhutan I was a member of the recent trip to Bhutan on the 4th of November. To be honest, I was quite hesitant to take the trip as when you travel as a group the most important thing is the people… Read More
Purva Joshi | Bhutan
Purva Joshi | Bhutan Hellow Backpackers!!! It was a sudden plan for Bhutan actually... and we weren’t able to make our mind for whom to ask, when to go, where to stay, what to see, etc....and we came to know about TLOW. Just a… Read More
Dhwani | North East
Dhwani | North East So once again I decided to go backpacking with TLOW and I am glad I did it. The credit goes to you Sherwin for convincing me to do both the trips together. My experience with you and your brand has… Read More
Oindiela | Aurnachal Pradesh
Oindiela | Aurnachal Pradesh Backpacking was the dream and Arunachal, too. The TLOW blueprint had a whole lot of 'explore’ and it seemed to suit my interest like nothing else. I remember calling them up and asking if it would be safe enough for… Read More
Swapna | Arunachal Pradesh
Swapna | Arunachal Pradesh This is for all those who have always wanted to travel but never did or could like me or those who one contemplating travelling with TLOW for the first time, like I did. I think it's next to impossible to… Read More
Nikita | Assam – Meghalaya
Nikita | Assam – Meghalaya This is my third backpacking trip and second one with TLOW. Coming twice itself shows that I had a really wonderful experience. Everything was so perfect and an experience of a lifetime. Beautiful memories to cherish and explore the hidden… Read More
Hemangi | Kinnaur – Spiti Valley
Hemangi | Kinnaur – Spiti Valley How does it feel oh how does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, Like a complete unknown like a rolling stone! My first solo trip to Kinnaur and Spiti Valley was as good a learning… Read More
Shikha | Kinnaur – Spiti Valley
Shikha | Kinnaur – Spiti Valley Travelling to Himachal was on my mind for quite some time, but Kinnaur and Spiti were something I had never thought of. I read about Spiti before the trip and Kinnaur was a pleasant surprise. Snow capped mountains, Baspa river… Read More
Karthik  | Parvati Valley
Karthik  | Parvati Valley This was my first trip to Parvati Valley and the second trip with TLOW. The villages of Tosh and Pulga was astounding. The trek to Kheerganga was memorable and I always remember the down hill trek as it was eventful… Read More
Mukesh | Parvati Valley
Mukesh | Parvati Valley Hey there travellers, because that's what you became once you travel with tlow, you are no more a tourist in a new place but a part of the locals. This trip has been a change in perspective to what actual… Read More
Priyanka | Ladakh
Priyanka | Ladakh Wonderful memories be it the Dal Lake stay, the Kargil gueat house memories, beautiful Leh mountains, the moonlight scene at Pangong lake, warmth of Haleema aunty and Dorger. Experiencing the blizzard, narrow death experience at Khardung La, 21 hour bus… Read More
Neha | Ladakh
Neha | Ladakh As a Geology student, I always wanted to travel to the Himalayas and see everything for real. Tlow made it possible! Thank you so much for helping me tick off one of the major to do thing from my life.… Read More
Sharon | Ladakh
Sharon | Ladakh This was my first trip solo and I was kind of scared to travel solo with unknown people but this was the best trip I have ever had. I have been meeting new people and staying with them for 12… Read More
Vautika | Ladakh
Vautika | Ladakh A solo trip to Leh Ladakh! I had been planning to do this for over a year now and with my birthday approaching the question in my mind was, ‘what was the highlight of this year’. I called up Sherwin… Read More
Ankita | Ladakh
Ankita | Ladakh While I sit here facing a range of foggy mountains I could nothing but related this trip to the song from Kashmir - creep. How the girl gets tired of her day in day out job and decided for once… Read More
Dhwani | Spiti Valley
Dhwani | Spiti Valley Initially when I came across TLOW, I was sceptical about how it would go. I has been toying around with the idea of committing to it for a while. But then I listen to my inner voice and went ahead… Read More
Mikhaila | Assam Meghalaya
Mikhaila | Assam Meghalaya Hey tlow, Really glad and content to have travelled with you. Needed a break from the routine and it being Diwali, I didn't have a lot of interesting options for travel around this time. A friend casually mentioned tlow and… Read More
Sundri | North East
Sundri | North East This was the second time I was travelling with sherwin. The first one was Ladakh . The journey from then to now there has been a lot of things that have changed both forme an Sherwin . For me it… Read More
Sagar Shetty | Parvati Valley
Sagar Shetty | Parvati Valley The trip Started with a bus ride from Delhi to Kasol . The trip was a customised trip for us and organised trip for us and the organiser Sherwin the brainchild of TLOT and the creator of the new TLOW… Read More
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