Ten things to do in Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra Valley, the prettiest of all the valleys in the entire Trans-Himalayas, has a lot of offer to travellers from crossing the world’s highest motorable road to dune biking and camel rides in the desert.

Here are a list of things to do in Nubra Valley.

1. Khardungla Selfie

At 18,380 Ft ASL, the world’s highest pass it’s totally okay and fine to take a couple of selfies with the road marker in the back ground.

2. Shayok River

Flowing all through the valley all the way till Pakistan is the River Shayok. Just request your driver to stop at a good place along the drive and spend some time being one with nature.

3. Army Canteen

The entire valley has various army bases which have started serving food and snacks to the travellers.  This is a great way to interact and meet army personal. Stop by at at least once to have some idli dosa or some filter coffee in the Himalayas.

4. Diskit Monastery

Over looking the entire valley is a towering status of the Maitreya Buddha, also referred to as the future Buddha. A must stop while in Nubra. The view from the monastery complex will simply blow your mind.

5. Dune Biking

Dubbed as the world’s highest dune biking in the world.  While along the drive from Kalsar to Diskit in Nubra Valley is a flat stretch of land with white desert sand which is used to run the buggies around the dunes.

6. Camel ride

Native from Mongolia the Bacterial Camels had come to Ladakh during the silk route time for trade purposes. In Hunder, the camels play a pivotal role in the desert experience. A joy ride on a camel is available from 15 minutes to an hour.

7. Home Stay

The entire valley is flooded with home stays and there is nothing better than staying with a Ladakhi family.  A night in a home stay and you will surely go back a changed person. If nothing else, then the simplicity of the people and their livelihood will blow your mind away.

8. Pluck apricots

Travel to Ladakh and Nubra Valley in the months of July – August and you will be treated to an apricot feat. The fruit is all over the place but more so in Nubra Valley and specially in the village of Tur-tuk.  The best apricots in the world come from this region, be mindful that eating too many apricots will result in a stomach upset.

9. Hot Springs

Yes, you have read it correct hot sulphur springs do exist in this barren cold desert. Panamik, a lesser known village in Nubra Valley is the place where you can take a dip in the steaming hot sulphur water.

10. Star Gaze

Being so close to the sky, all you have to do is just sit with a cup of hot chai or Khawa and look up at the sky and if it’s a clear sky you will definitely see at least a couple of shooting stars if not more.


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