11 must do things in Kasol, Parvati Valley

Here are some of the must do mainstream and offbeat things while in the hippie backpacker town of Kasol in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

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1. Camping in the woods

If off beat wilderness river side camping is on your bucket list then the woods of Kasol are the perfect place to try it out in. The woods in Kasol are located a short walk away from the main town. Setting up camp near the river and amidst pine trees is an experience money can’t buy.

camping in the woods2. Trance party

Kasol is soon becoming a party hot spot owning to the Trance and Psychedelic parties which go on for days to a couple of weeks all day and night. These parties have international DJ’s and are held deep into the woods away from the main town. Generally the parties are a short hike from the village of Chalal. Mid-May to the end of June is the peak party season in Kasol.

trance party3. Hippie Shopping

The flea market in Kasol has everything that a hippie backpacker is looking for from sweatshirts, patches, harem pants, psychedelic glow in the dark T-shirt to chillums, mixing pouches, bongs and a host of hiking gear. Mind you, the flea market in Kasol has it all. Bargaining is a skill that will come in very handy while shopping here.

mixing pouches in kasol4. Boom

There is no secret why backpackers from all over the world flock to Kasol. Its all about the cannabis plant that grows wild all over Parvati Valley and a visit to Kasol is pretty much incomplete without trying this Magical Cream. It is important to note that Marajuina is a banned substance in the country and possession of the same can lead to imprisonment.

Boom Time
5. Candle light dinner at Evergreen Cafe

The food in Kasol is to die for and Evergreen Cafe is the best place to dine and by best we don’t just mean in Kasol. The rustic feel of the place clubbed with good music and mouth watering food all under one roof with a candle on the table and a tandoor to keep you warm. Evergreen Cafe is a must for everyone.

P_IMG_20151213_2046185676. Rice Beer

Chang or Rice Beer as it is more commonly known in most parts of Himachal Pradesh is a must have in Kasol. Request your guest house owner to get a bottle of rice beer for you. Rice beer has nearly zero alcohol content and is more of a bucket list drink.

Rice beer 7. Chilling by the Parvati

Even though Kasol is well known for its parties, there are still plenty of places where one can wander for some quiet and peaceful time. A good hot spot for this is on the banks of the river Parvati near Lucky dhaba a short seven minute walk from Kasol towards Manikaran.

  1. Funky hair dos

The barber shop in Kasol is not just your average hair cutting saloon. The barbers here have some serious talent in their hands. From Lulus to dreadlocks and even the punk Mohawk the barbers in the saloon here can do it all and at very affordable costs. The Lulus are the star attraction with colourful threads, beads, shells and even feathers.


  1. A night walk to Chalal

We all love night walks in the metro cities and towns we live in. A night hike to the banks of the River Parvati near the village of Chalal is a must do for everyone who travels to Kasol. The hike is more or less a walk on a mountain terrain. It takes around 20 minutes to reach Chalal in the night and it’s advisable to carry a torch unless you’re walking the path on a full moon night.  

night walk

  1. River side hot springs

If the Kheer Ganga hike is not your forte and the hot springs at Manikharan are too crowded for your liking then don’t be disappointed because just after crossing the foot over bridge to Chalal is a small natural hot bath on the banks of the river Parvati which has a couple of springs. Plenty of locals bathe in the pool daily. It is free of cost and the only thing needed is a mug. As it is open air, the option is only open for the guys.


11. Momo’s

You cant come to Kasol and not try the steaming hot Momos from Shambu Momo stall which is located near the bridge. The Momo Cart is open all seven days of the week from 11AM to 9PM. They serve chicken and Vegetarian Momos, 10 in a plate at a very economical cost. The red and white chutney served with the Momos will make your taste buds tingle. Their fried Momos are also worth a try.


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