A stunning view of the mighty Himalayas: Sangla, Himachal Pradesh

Located at an altitude of around 8,530 feet above sea level along the banks of the River Baspa and the world’s most dangerous road is the small Himalayan town of Sangla in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, close to the India-Tibet border.

The best way to reach the town of Sangla is to board a government bus from either New Delhi or Shimla. There are no direct buses to Sangla so backpackers have to board a bus which goes to Reckong Peo and get off at Karcham and then take another connecting bus or a shared jeep to reach Sangla. The bus ride from New Delhi takes around 17 hours covering 978 kilometres.

The road from Karcham to Sangla is surely not for the faint hearted, covering these 16 kilometres is a nightmare for rookie travellers to the Himalayas and a dream ride for an adventure junkie, since the road conditions are very volatile and landslides are a daily occurrence. It is common for a section of the mountain to cave in and cause a road block. So be prepared to get stuck either while going or on your way back.

Sangla does not have too many attractions within the town, the only thing to visit within the town is the Devta temple which is located in the heart of the temple. The temple is a fine example of local architecture. Sangla is also the gateway to a village named Chitkul which is the last village on the Indo-Tibet border. Chitkul is best approached by a share taxi from Sangla.

Every other day the village of Chitkul is known to have a celebration from weddings to birthdays to naming ceremonies. The locals here are very friendly and welcome visitors with open arms.

Accommodation in Sangla is in plenty from backpacker guest houses to deluxe hotels for families. The town has all kinds of accommodation options. Most of the guest houses have their own restaurant but there are plenty of eating options in the town.

The town is not too big and the best way to explore this small town is on foot and it won’t take travellers more than half an hour to cover the whole town on foot. The best time to visit Sangla is from April to May and then again from September to October, since the weather is best during this time of the year and the road conditions are also at its best.

Sangla has a few things that are surely worth having a look for those who like taking back souvenirs like hand woven shawls and handmade Kinnauri caps. A must have while in this Himalayan region are the apples that are on sale in the local shops, these apples are grown on the slopes around the town and are world class quality. The harvest time for the apples that are grown in this valley is in the month of October.

The town of Sangla is a good place to visit for all kinds of travellers as it has plenty to offer adventure junkies since this town is the base for many high altitude treks in the region and for a holiday maker, Sangla exhibits stunning views of the mighty Himalayas.

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