About TLOW

From the founder of The Land Out There comes The Land of Wanderlust which combines the desire to travel within a shoestring budget backpacking around the world. With the same mission of covering the earth, the journey continues.

Backpacking in India as a means of budget travel across the country is slowly picking up pace. We at The Land of Wanderlust take this forward with rugged travel across India within a budget.

Backpacks, travel via public transport, basic home stays and backpacker guest houses are the way we cover the country. If you want to know the difference between a traveller and a tourist then pack your backpack and come along. Let’s cover the earth before the earth covers us because you don’t choose a life, you live one.

Sherwin Rebello is a 27-year-old Physics graduate from Mumbai, his never ending love for backpacking started way back in 2010 on a humble trek to the Himalayas. Since then, Sherwin has been over obsessed with getting every known and unknown place from India and around the world up on the internet to help make the world an easier place to travel around.

In 2012, he founded TheLandOutThere.com in his bedroom with his sister Maleeva and after four and a half successful years, he has decided to continue his quest under a new brand name.

The passion is the same, to have the best travel website and motivate as many people he can to pick up their backpacks and cover the earth, be it with TLOW or on their own. His dream is to backpack to all 196 countries in the world and to see every Indian be it young or young at heart travelling everywhere with a backpack.

Sherwin is an internet addict and spends atleast a couple of hours a day in his free time surfing the net. Travel is another passion which is with him almost always on the road, becoming more of his life than a way of life.

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