Among the paddy fields: Bellekan, Karnataka

Bellekan is a village that is located at the far end of Gokarna Town. This village is situated on the hill just above the famous Paradise Beach. The best way of getting to this village of Bellekan is to board a KSRTC from the Gokarna Town bus station. The bus ride is bumpy and it takes about 45 minutes. But keep in mind to check the frequency of the buses heading in that direction.

The other option of getting there is to hire an auto rickshaw but they will again charge a hefty fare which will include their return journey tariff also. It is advisable to bargain and reduce the fare quoted by 40%.

The people who have inhabited this village of Bellekan are predominantly farmers and rely heavily on their paddy (rice) fields for income. Once in the village one will notice a lot of the villagers working in their paddy fields.

The dressing style of the people from Bellekan village is very much similar to that of the people from the town of Gokarna with the women dressing in sarees and the men in shirts and lungis. The staple food of the people in this village is dal, rice and fish.

The houses in Bellekan village have hay roofs and mud walls. There is no proper road in the village and there is also a lack of a proper road leading to this village of Bellekan. The road that exists is just a broad reddish coloured dusty path way.

There is no kind of accommodation provisions for travellers who decide to visit this quite village. The only option one has is to look for a home stay with one of the village families. Getting a home stay again is not very easy since communication is a major barrier in this village. Barely anyone in this village can talk or understand any language other than Kannada, the local language of the state of Karnataka.

If one does manage to get a home stay the accommodation is very basic and the food served is the normal food that the villagers eat.

A small trail from this village leads to Paradise Beach. This hiking trail takes one through the forest and into thick trees and thorny bushes. There are multiple forks in this trail, but always remember to take the trail going left. Avoid hiking this trail after sundown since there is a very high possibility of getting lost in the forest.

The village of Bellekan is generally the transit place from where people who visit Paradise Beach hike through the forest into the village and board a bus back to the town of Gokarna.


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