Bhandardara at its best

One of our campers shares their experience from our camp as they highlight some of the main fun points of the overnight camping trip

The joyride: Moving around in a local jeep with mountains around always give you chills. No cartage, no passage. You just move and move and move.

Brunch: Wait, I know the ride was amazing but aren’t you hungry? How about some bhajiyas and vada pav?

Mud tracks: The campsite really looks beautiful and of course, we need to explore it more.



Lakeside: You got to get amazing pictures near the lakeside.

Sunset: Just look at the sun. How calm and serene it looks at this time

Tents: You are going to remember the coziness of the tents for years.

Bonfire: The temperature is dropping, and you need something to warm you up right. Bonfires always give you beautiful memories.

Personality: We always have this one guitarist in the group who charms up the night with songs at the bonfire

Mafia: Wondering what this is? The game that tells you how to be smart and have fun at the same time.

Barbecue: Decorating the skewers with your favorite food always makes you feel like a chef.

Star gazing: The sky is the limit but for now. Start finding those shooting stars and start wishing. Too clichè but nonetheless beautiful.

People: The more people you meet the more you know their perspective to life.

Music: How much fun is it is to go from ‘Channa Mereya’ to ‘Despacito’ without even knowing the lyrics?

Night time fun: You have the whole night, go know everyone around, do something adventurous but of course don’t die, stay away from the lake for the benefit of all.

Sunrise: You didn’t even realized when the night ended. Gaze around and see how beautiful ‘this’ sunrise is.

Merchandise: Don’t forget the badges and t-shirt that will help you always remember this camp and the lovely experience.


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