Looking to escape the city life of Mumbai? Need a break from the traffic and crowded streets of the commercial capital of India? Then Bhandardara is the place to head off to for a weekend break or even a mid-week outing.

Trip Dates: 22nd-23rd Dec | 24th-25th Dec | 29th – 30th Dec | 31st Dec – 1st Jan | 5th-6th Jan | 12th -12th Jan | 19th -20th Jan | 26th-27th Jan | 2nd-3rd Feb | 9th-10th Feb | 16th-17th Feb | 23rd-24th Feb | 2nd-3rd Mar | 9th-10th Mar | 16th-17th Mar | 23rd-24th Mar | 30th-31st Mar | 6th-7th Apr | 13th-14th Apr | 20th-21st Apr | 27th-28th Apr | 4th-5th May 

  • Plan A
  • INR1500/Pp
  • Travel: Ghatkopar-Bhandardara-Ghatkopar
  • Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
  • Tomato Soup
  • Maggi Noodles
  • Dinner:Veg/Non-Veg BBQ Bonfire
  • Breakfast: Bhurji/Poha+Tea/Coffee
  • Tent Stay (3-4 people)
  • Plan B (Self Drive)
  • INR1350/Pp
  • Per person self drive
  • Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
  • Tomato Soup
  • Maggi Noodles
  • Dinner: Veg/Non-Veg BBQ Bonfire
  • Breakfast: Bhurji/Poha+Tea/Coffee
  • Tent Stay (3-4 people)
  • Plan C
  • INR2000/Pp
  • Travel: Ghatkopar-Bhandardara-Ghatkopar
  • Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
  • Tomato Soup
  • Maggi Noodles
  • Dinner: Veg/Non-Veg BBQ Bonfire
  • Breakfast: Bhurji/Poha+Tea/Coffee
  • Tent for two
  • Plan D (Self Drive)
  • INR1700/Pp
  • Per person Self Drive
  • Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
  • Tomato Soup
  • Maggi Noodles
  • Dinner: Veg/Non-Veg BBQ Bonfire
  • Breakfast: Bhurji/Poha+Tea/Coffee
  • Tent for two

All Plans are Per Person basis

GST of 5% is applicable on the above cost.

Plan A=Rs.75

Plan B=Rs.67.5

Plan C=Rs.100

Plan D=Rs.85

Things to carry

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For more information please contact us on the phone numbers mentioned below:

TLOW office : +91 90045 94935

or mail us at: camps@tlow.in

Bhandardara is a beautiful yet less known hill station near Mumbai in the Sahyadri hill range. Bhandardara is located at an altitude of about 2471 feet above sea-level. We at TLOW.in organize one night Camping in the open under the twinkling sky at Bhandradara for Rs 1575/- all inclusive.

To reach Bhandardara board a train from Ghatkopar railway station at 10:40 HRS to Kasara with us. The train journey takes about 2.5 hours, reach Kasara railway station by 13:00 HRS. Walk out of the railway station on the western side and hop onto a shared jeep to the town of Bhandardara.

The travel from the town of Ghoti to Bhandardara is one of a kind where most of our campers don’t sit inside the jeep but prefer to travel on top of the jeep. Travelling on top of any vehicle is not only banned in most parts of India but is also very dangerous, but in this part of Maharashtra it is a done thing since public transport is not very efficient. We reach Bhandardara by 16:30 HRS. People from Pune, Nasik & Mumbai can also drive down and meet us directly at our camp site by 17:00 HRS.

On reaching Bhandardara we have our lunch which consist of authentic Maharashtran Missal Pav and chai. Post lunch we take a jeep (10 minutes ride) and head to our camp site from where one will get a splendid view of the Bhandardara lake. We set up our camping tents, mats and start the Bon fire for the night camping.

Post sun-set the real fun begins, at around 20:00 HRS we set up camp fire and make some hot soup to keep ourselves warm as the mercury level begins to drop. After soup campers are free to enjoy the evening as they want. Some bring along their musical instruments and sing and dance, some prefer playing music from their phones, while some just like to lie down on the mats and star gaze.

Dinner is cooked and served anytime when the campers are hungry. Dinner is very basic camper’s food which is also our TLOW campers favorite Maggie noodles soup & veg or Chicken BBQ. Post dinner your options are sing and dance or star gaze.

Star gazing at Bhandardara is simply out of this world, it is very unlikely that you will camp under the open skies at Bhandardara and not see at least two shooting stars if not more. Bhandardara is an ideal place to get your telescopes since the sky is pollution and cloud free, making it an ideal place to observe the constellation of stars and planets.

Since Bahandardara is a hill station the nights get very cold. During the winter months the temperature drops well below 10°C. So carrying thick woolens and blankets is important to avoid having a bone chilling freezing cold night.

Next morning the campers wake up by  07:00 HRS and breakfast will be served at the campsite. We depart by 09:00 HRS in our jeep from the campsite back to Kasara. We board 11:12 HRS train from Kasara station back to Ghatkopar. We reach Ghatkopar before 13:30 HRS.

The best time to go camping to Bhandardara is during the winter months from October end to March, since the weather is perfect and the skies are clear for star gazing. The only time camping at Bhandardara is not possible is during the monsoon.

Bhandardara is also a very safe place to camp out in the open since there are no wild animals or even snakes around the place where TLOW.in sets up camp. The only animals that prowl that area are pet cats and dogs.

Camping under the open skies at Bhandardara is something that everyone must try at least once in their lifetime since it’s not very often that you can camp in the open and see over a hundred stars and spot at least a couple of shooting stars all in a 24-hour trip very close to home.


Swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited and no one who camps with TLOW will be allowed to swim in the lake.

Minimum Age: 18+

Camping FAQ

  • Do we have washroom facilities?

We have a Indian toilet which is about a 3 minute walk from the campsite.


  • Can we swim at the lake?

Swimming is prohibited at the lake as it prohibited by the government.


  • What’s the food like?

We serve soup, Maggi in the beginning and have DIY (Do It Yourself) barbeque.


  • What’s the barbeque like?

Barbeque includes non veg cold cuts, veg includes assorted marinated vegetables and assorted sauces.


  • Can we hike to the lake?

Yes, our backpacker trip organizer will take you for a hike to the lake. The route is a trail and we do not have a concrete road. So it’s advised to wear shoes for hiking than wearing slippers.


  • How cold does it get at night?

The temperature drops down to 10 degree celsius and it’s quite windy due to its proximity to the lake. Please bring adequate warm clothes/jacket.


  • Do we provide sleeping bags/bed sheets/mattress?

We provide a foam sheet in the tent. Please bring your own bed sheets/sleeping bags.


  • When & Where do we stop for lunch? 

We stop around Shendi for lunch at 3PM. Our campsite is around 20 minutes from Shendi.


  • What for lunch?

Misal Pav, Bhajji, Vada Pav and Chai. Eat as much as you want. Pay only for your water bottle.


  • What time breakfast is served and when do we leave for Kasara?

Breakfast is served at 7 A.M and we leave Bhandardhara at 9 A.M sharp to catch a 11.12 A.M train for return


  • How many people can stay in a tent?

In normal plan -3 to 4 people

In couple plan – 2 people


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