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Pinni village parvati valley

Uncovering the rituals of Pinni village in Parvati Valley

Named after Lord Narayana considered to be the most powerful god of Himachal, locals celebrate the Himalayan cultural festival in Pinni village of Kullu district of Himachal. People of Naga worship sincerely. It is believed that they were born on 14th February. And they celebrate the birth anniversary of Narayana ji. Unless the Parikrama of Narayana ji is complete, no man from the village eats. To see Narayana ji from…

Kasol town

Parvati Valley Taxi Operators Union – Fares from Jari Village

If you are planning your trip to Parvati Valley this is something which you need to consider while allocating your trip budget.You can reach Parvati Valley boarding a HRTC bus from your nearest ISBT bus stand.   Example: If you want to go from Kasol to Bhuntar in a car/van with 4 passengers. Fare Calculation: (Kasol to Jari) + (Jari to Buntar ) = 400 +800 = 1200.   S.…

Loktak national Park

Home of the Sangai: Keibul Lamjao National Park

Located in the south western part of the Loktak lake, the Keibul Lamjao National Park is the last natural habitat of the brow-antlered deer (Sangai) the dancing deer of Manipur. Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating park in the world. A glimpse of the deer in this unique wetland ecosystem is a must for any wildlife enthusiast. Other wildlife to be seen include: Hog Deer, Otter, a host…

Neha in Meghalaya

Life after tlow – Neha Khot

Neha has travelled with tlow six times. Now tlow has become her family and she just tells the dates for the trip and everything is sorted. Curious to know the reason why she has chosen tlow so much and what does a tlow trip mean for her? Which was your first trip with tlow? - My first trip with tlow was  two years back, the trip to Assam-Meghalaya in the…

Kheerganga Dharam shala

Things to never do in Parvati Valley

Here's a list of things to avoid while backpacking around the Hippie Parvati Valley. Over the last few years things in the valley have started to change drastically and a lot of law and order has come into the place. Given below is a list of things you should avoid doing while in the Hippie paradise. Don't carry a trolley: Parvati Valley is the land of backpackers, and you will…

Living on the edge

Laitlum Canyon Ridge, the perfect outing in Meghalaya

Laitlum Canyon is one of the must visiting places when you come to Shillong. Located in the East Khasi hills of Shillong, Laitlum Canyon is a little-explored haunt of the mountainous state of Meghalaya. Laitlum translates to ‘end of hills’ and this sublimely beautiful hilltop appears to be true to its name. At Laitlum, from all one can see the breathtaking gorges and steep winding stairways that snake their way…

Kasol local

Parvati Valley Bus Timings | Bhutnar – Kasol – Manikaran

While planning a trip to Parvati Valley the biggest hassle travellers find is getting the correct bus from Bhuntur to Kasol and most of the times travellers end up falling prey to the Taxi drivers tricks and end up spending a huge amount for a journey which will barely cost a fraction if you take the bus to Kasol. Below is the list of bus timings from Bhuntar to Manikaran…

While leaving yolo

20 unique things to do in Parvati Valley

Here's a list of some interesting things that you can do while in Parvati Valley the Hippie capital of Himachal Pradesh. 1. The village of taboos Malana is considered as one of the oldest democracies in the world. The villagers believe that they have pure Aryan genes and that they are descendants of Alexander the Great's soldiers. The locals claim to have a well organised parliamentary system, guided by their…


Shillong to Riwai: The journey

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya as well as the district headquarters of East Khasi Hills District. Shillong is the only hill station in the country that is accessible from all sides. The name Shillong is derived from U-Shyllong, a powerful deity situated at an altitude of 1,491 m above sea level. This beautiful city is 103 kms from Guwahati, the nearest air and train link. The presence of many…

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