Essentials to carry while backpacking around Thailand

Here is a check list of things to have while backpacking to the Northern mountain region of Thailand from six to 15 days.  


  • Passport. (10 Copies)
  • Five passport size photographs. (4×6)
  • Proof of night stay booking.
  • Confirmed return ticket.

Travelling gear:

  • A rucksack of minimum 50-60L capacity. (Mandatory)
  • A daypack of minimum 10-20L capacity (laptop bag) to move around with ease. (Mandatory)
  • Power bank minimum 10,000 Mah. (Must have)
  • One litre water bottle. (Must have)
  • Neck Pillow (Optional)


Remember Thailand is paradise for shoppers so anything extra you carry from home is going to be unwanted load to move around with.  

  • Three-four  short sleeve cotton shirts or T-shirts.
  • Two half & one long pant.
  • Three sets of undergarments and socks.
  • UV protected sun glares. (Must Have)
  • Cap. (Optional)
  • Towel. (Optional)
  • A pair of good walking shoes. (Must Have)
  • Slippers or flip-flops. (Must Have)
  • Umbrella or Rain cost. (Only from June to October)


  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo sachets.
  • Hand sanitizer, detergent soap sachets.
  • Towel.
  • Sun screen 20-30 SPF.
  • Deodorant. Avoid glass bottle perfumes)


  • Power board to charge multiple gadgets. (Must Have)
  • Garbage bags to carry soiled clothes while travelling. (Must Have)
  • Universal Adaptor. (Must Have)


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