Essentials to carry while backpacking around Karnataka

Here is a check list of things to have while backpacking to the Southern Indian state of Karnataka for a minimum of travel of one week to a maximum of four weeks

Travelling gear:

  • A rucksack of a minimum 50 litres.(Must have)
  • A daypack to move around with ease.(Must have)
  • A camera with a minimum of 8GB.(Optional)
  • Carrying a one litre water bottle along is a great thing for every person who hits the road.(Must have)
  • A backpack rain cover.


  • Two or Three  short sleeve cotton T-shirts or shirts.
  • One short pants and one long pant. Cargo pants are favorable due to multiple pockets and their quick dry quality. Please avoid carrying jeans.
  • Sweatshirt. (during the winters)
  • Three sets of undergarments and three sets of socks. Please avoid white socks.
  • UV protected sun glares are a must.(Must have)
  • Cap.(Must have)
  • A thin towel is preferred to a thick one as it saves on space in the bag pack.
  • A pair of shoes that are comfortable and have a good grip. Anklets are preferable.
  • Slippers or flip-flops. (Must have)
  • Rain sheet. (If you’re travelling during the monsoon)


  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap bars, shampoo sachets or small bottles of shampoo.
  • Toilet roll.(Must have)
  • Paper soap, hand sanitizer, detergent soap sachets.
  • Sun screen with a minimum of 40 SPF.(Must have)
  • Body sprays are also good, but glass bottled perfumes are better kept at home.
  • Mosquito repellent cream.
  • Two thin Bed-sheet.(Optional)


  • Power board to charge multiple gadgets is a must as most lodging and boarding places have only one plug point.
  • A LED torch is a good thing to carry along as the lights tend to go.(Must have)
  • Ten garbage bags to carry dirty clothes while travelling is good to have. These also help to junk the trash and keep the natural setting clean and green.(Must have)
  • A small knife while on the road is a safety measure that is advised.(Optional)
  • 10,000mah power bank. (Must have)


  • Glucose powder.(Must have)
  • Tablets for headaches, diarrhoea, motion and altitude sickness.
  • Bandage.
  • Cotton.
  • Aspirin.
  • Medication for rashes.
  • Sprain relief plasters.
  • Personal medication if any.


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