Five pants your wardrobe needs if you are a traveller

What kind of traveller are you? When you pack how do you decide what pant is the perfect pant for you? Do you stop and look at the map? Maybe take a look at the daily forecast and see what the weather today might just be like? Is it just impulse or because it looks good with the funky T-shirt so it is the pant for travel?

When it comes to travelling, it becomes really inconvenient to decide what kind of pants would really make one feel relaxed and comfortable. Different places of travel would require different kind of pants and so if you are a hardcore traveller then you should have these kinds of pants stacked up in your wardrobe.

1.Cargo pants

These pants are also referred to as combat trousers, mainly after their military purposes. These pants and really loose, but are made of thick materials which make them perfect for a hike up the hill or a trek on the mountain. They are designed with more than your average four pockets. The belt hooks are sturdy to hook up a harness and rapple down the mountain, the perfect pant for an average camper or hiker.

backpacker cargo pants

2.Shorts or Three-quarter pants

If you wake up one humid, sunny morning and impulsively find the need to spend the day at the beach or peruse around hot sunny, tarry roads, then these pants with a cotton shirt or T-shirt are your perfect companion. It is loose, comfortable and come only to your knee; hence the name three-fourths. They also come very handy in the rains; the only worry is those droplets of muck and waters that splash, dirtying your legs.

backpacker shorts


The perfect pant for your vacation with your family and friends, they are long but are generally made of linen and perfect to wear by the poolside while you sit with your favorite book or glass of wine. They are long in length, but one need not worry as they won’t make you feel uncomfortable in anyway.


This pant is more of today’s trend but is very comfortable; it comes in all kinds of material. It is more of a pull on and you have no zipper worries. The pant tapers towards the bottom, causing it to cling to your ankle allowing you to have more space near your thighs giving you enough freedom to move about and better ankle grip, too.


Jeans are the favourites of many. But they don’t seem comfortable but they are still called appropriate for flights, buses and trains and people still prefer to use them. They also have the tendency to be worn with anything, be it casual or semi-casual. They are the common to-goers and highly preferred clothing wear.

These five pants can be worn as per one’s convenience and as per preference. If these are in your wardrobe, then you cannot go wrong as a traveller.

backpacking jeans


Text by – Franklin Newmen


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