Five things to do at Madh Island, Mumbai

An auto rickshaw or bus ride from Malad station takes one to Madh Island which includes the Madh Jetty, Madh Beach and Aksa Beach stretches. The secluded beaches see life by the sea in its true essence.


  1. Visit Madh Fort

The fort is also called Versova Fort. The secluded and difficult to reach fort is about 15 kilometres from Malad and is the last stop on BEST bus 271’s route. If one comes via Versova it involves a ride by ferry boat.

The fort was built by the Portuguese near Madh village i.e. a one kilometer walk. It was a watch tower and so offers a great view of Marve Creek and the coast. It is internally dilapidated, though from outside it looks prim and proper. The fort is now under control of the Indian Air Force. There is an Indian Air Force base near it and permission is needed to access it. Madh Fort is surrounded by local fishermen communities.

The fort has been the set for a number of Bollywood films and television serials.


2. Chill on the beach

The Madh Beach is a secluded place on weekdays, though there is a crowd on weekends. Many people head for family and group picnics to the beach. The clean sands and water offer a great venue for beach games and some time in the sun. For those who want to build sand castles and bathe in the sea, the beach offers a lot.

3. Buy dried fish

For those who enjoy this fish which is made by drying and salting fish, Madh offers a large variety of these. The rates are very economical as locals dry them and are ready to sell at bargained prices too.


4. Pray at Madh Church

The Our Lady of the Sea Church is better known as Madh Church by locals and visitors alike. The church has beautiful paintings but the 500-year-old St Bonaventure Church is more famous. Now a ruin, many visit it to offer prayers and see what is left of the Portuguese architecture.

5. Stay at the shacks

The shacks of Madh Island are very famous as they offer groups and couples a chance to chill and spend some quality time. With the beach nearby, there is no dearth of things to do. The prices of these are as per the proximity to the beach and the size of the rooms they offer.
The island that makes up the city of Mumbai along with six others is a favourite spot for reflection and soul searching for many in the city.


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