Five things to do in Bordi

The chikoo land is just 160 kms away from Mumbai. Bordi also boasts of a scenic beach which makes for a good walk and swim too. Here are five reasons to take a train up to this idyllic place north of Mumbai.

1.Chikoos all around

If the brown fruit is your favourite, then Bordi is a must stop place. There are green chikoo trees all around and if you happen to visit during the season, plucking a few chikoos from the trees is fun.    

greenery in bordi

2. Virgin beach

The Bordi beach stretch is a long, long walk with the beach very far away during low tide. But if you want to walk to the sea, then Bordi is the place to be. In the evenings though, the sea comes nearer and an evening walk would find dipping one’s legs in the sea much easier.

beach in bordi


3. Swimming in the sea

Besides walks along the shore, the beach at Bordi offers a safe sea dip too. For those who like to swim in the sea, Bordi is a good place to try open sea swimming. There is no fear and it is easy to have fun with family or friends learning to swim.

beach in bordi


4. Peaceful time

The Bordi area offers families and friends time to bond together away from the stress and crowds of the city. Beach games can be played and slow life can be lead.

road to bordi village


5. Cheap alcohol

For those who like to have some hard drinks, Bordi offers alcohol at cheaper rates. The food available here is also quite tasty with a number of bakeries along the road leading into Bordi.


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