The Potter’s Place: Akoda, Rajasthan

Akoda in a small potter’s village which is located at a distance of 10km from the artisan village of Bundi in Kota district of Eastern Rajasthan. Over the last few years, the town has built up its reputation of being one of the most frequented pottery villages in the region.

There are multiple ways to reach Akoda, the best way is by hiring a tuk-tuk from Bundi. The roads leading to the village are excellent with plenty of greenery and small shrubs spread across the barren desert land which make the ride very scenic. The other options are to hire a bike or a cycle from either Kota or Bundi.

On reaching Akoda, the first thing travellers will notice is that the village is relatively larger than expected with over 200 houses and a population of over a thousand. Akoda is more like a small town ship, with kids playing marbles and riding cycles.

The best way to explore the village is on foot , since this is the only way to get a real feel of the place. Akoda has numerous tiny lanes which justifies the need to wander through this village on foot.

The houses in the village are made up of mud and bricks with traditional glass work on the doors of each house. The houses still have dung flooring and it’s a common sight to see at least one person in the village redoing their house flooring with dung.

Each and every house in the village has a veranda where the earthen pots are made and a kin to bake the pots. The pots are then dried outside in the blazing sun and are then stored in a dark room in the house for a brief period without any exposure to the sun light. After this they are sold in the market.

The broken pieces of the pots are used to decorate the houses in the village or the verandas where the pots are stacked on top of each other.The Rajasthani culture is very evident in Akoda with women dressed in colourful blouses and long skirts along with a veil covering their head and eyes. Men are seen in traditional Rajasthani dhotis with kurtas and colourful turbans, sporting long moustaches that are believed to be a matter of pride for men within the community.

Unlike most other parts of the state, women of Akoda are friendly and open to conversation with travellers. Women are equally active in contributing to the family income, and most families in the village make their living by selling pots and through agriculture. An additional source of income for the villagers is teaching the art of pot making to guests who wish to give pottery a shot.

The other attractions around Akoda include the lesser know pottery village of Thikarda and the famous Rameshwaram temple which are in close proximity to the village.

Accommodation and food options in Akoda are virtually nil with no guest houses or hotels. The best option for travellers is to do a day trip from the town of Bundi. Akoda has a couple of make shift Rajasthani style restaurants which have a bamboo frame and serve nothing but chai and biscuits.

Akoda is a village which is worth a day trip from Bundi, a couple of hours is more than enough to explore the entire village.


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