Eight things to do in Matheran

The green hill station is a few hours away from the cities of Mumbai and Pune. It is frequented by a number of weekend holidaymakers. Here are seven things to do when in Matheran.

  1. Watch the sunset

The eco-friendly hill station witnesses one of the best sunsets. Walk to sunset point post 4 pm and sit there and watch as the sun goes down. It is a site to behold as cool breeze begins to blow and the sun disappears in the hills.

  1. Ride a horse

Matheran is well-known for the many horses there. A horse ride to one of the points and back or just around the main hill station is a must do. The horses are friendly and have interesting names as well.

  1. Sit by the lake

Charlotte Lake is the main source of water for the hill station of Matheran. The lake is a great place to sit and spend some time admiring nature. The site is also a great place to take interesting pictures at with the blue waters in the background.

  1. Hear your own echo

The Louisa Point and Echo Points are great to see the beautiful hills around but from the latter point one can call out a name and have it come back to them from the opposite hill. The experience is a must have and also fun at the same time. From these one can also view the plains below which is magnificent.

  1. Spot monkeys

The hill-station is home to a large monkey population and from the time one sets foot in Matheran they can be seen in groups. Many monkey tales are told of them stealing food from tourists, you can have your own experience to add to those.

  1. Toy train ride

The famous toy train commences its journey from Neral railway station and offers a great view of Matheran and the surrounding hills. The journey is a beautiful panoramic one with the Western Ghats all around. Be aware of the train timings as there are only 2-3 trains in the morning and evening.

  1. Walk to Dasturi

Vehicles are not allowed into Matheran as part of the hill-stations eco-friendly way of life. The last stop till where they are allowed is Dasturi. The way to Matheran is a nice walk from Dasturi or back. One has to walk along the toy train tracks, there is enough space to walk at the side of the tracks as well in case the train comes along. The hill-station is Asia’s only vehicle free one.

8. Relax in the Gardens

The gardens in Matheran are beautiful with green trees and cool weather. It is the perfect place for those who do not want to walk to the points and yet be in the lap of nature. The plants and trees there are magnificent and stray dogs, cats and horse chilling can also be seen while you laze around. There are also a few gardens where children can play with slides, swings, etc.

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