Six most useful apps for backpacking

While backpacking one is often left in the wild literally. Thankfully, we have smart phones that can be a huge help to get around the place one is backpacking to. Here is a list of six useful apps for backpackers.


  1. Cameringo-The photographer’s tool kit

This all-inclusive camera app is a must have for every traveller to capture those amazing destinations and incredible moments. Not only does it include a variety of effects but it’s also armed with lenses such as fish-eye, wide angle and many more.The app allows you to enjoy video recording with live filters. The app also allows real time changes in image exposure, contrast, etc.

The cost of this app is just Rs 20 for Android users, making it a complete steal.

To download click here: Android devices 

best photography app for backpackers-cameringo



  1. Foodspotting- Tinder for foodies

Arouse the foodie in you with this mouth-watering food app. The Foodspotting app not only let’s you know what to eat and where to eat it but also lets you rate the dish. The user friendly interface not only makes viewing dishes easy but also makes one’s mouth water. The app also lets you bookmark dishes you want to try and lets you see what friends and family are savouring too!

Free for iOS and Android users.

To download click here: Android devices | ios devices

best food app for backpackers


  1. offline maps + Navigation

Never let bad network or no data packs be the cause for getting lost ever again. The app covers 345 countries all over the globe. It also displays hiking trails and various points as well as interests like ATMs, tourist attractions, metro stations, etc that are essential for every backpacker.

Free on iOS and Android users.

To download click here: Android devices | ios devices



  1. Sky map- The compact planetarium

If you love astronomy, this app is a must download! The Sky map app is simple and efficient as it uses the inbuilt phone compass to display stars, planets and constellations in automatic or manual mode.

Free for Android users.

For ios users- Sky view free-Explore the Universe

To download click here: Android devices | ios devices

best apps for backpackers astronomy


  1. PackPoint – Never forget to pack anything

Always forget to carry your toothbrush, power bank or extra socks and it strikes you while you’re boarding your flight?  Then this app is made for you!

PackPoint is a smart and user friendly app that creates packing list based on the number of days of travel, weather of your destination and activities planned on your trip. The app also syncs with Evernote and TripIt and allows users to add their own activities and items.

Free on iOS and Android.

To download click here: Android devices | ios devices

best app to pack your backpack


  1. Wolfram sun exposure- The essential for beach travel

If you always forget to re-apply sun screen while travelling, this app is all you need! The Wolfram sun exposure app takes into account your skin type, the time of the day and the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of the sun cream you use and tells you how long you can spend in the sun without getting burnt. It also lets you know the Ultraviolet (UV) forecast for a particular location so you can plan you travel accordingly.

Available for iOS for Rs 60.

For Android devices- EPA’s SunWise UV Index  is free.

To download click here: Android devices | ios devices

best app to fight sun burns


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