Staying safe while travelling

For those who love travel, spending time out on travel is a regular affair. But with travel to unknown place, there is the added facet of safety precautions and dangers that have to be dealt with.

Holidaying to various places provides the opportunity to see new places and meet new people, but also the danger of being taken advantage of surrounds the traveller. When a traveller chooses to backpack, he or she has to depend on hitch hiking and this often could pose some perils. The person who offers a lift could seek to take advantage of the backpacker.

Staying alert and attentive at all times is a great way to avoid being taken for a ride. Also when it comes to lodging and boarding, choosing a low budget place to stay or opting for a home stay could pose some security and safety issues. Not getting over friendly, staying sharp at all times, being courteous and not revealing too much about yourself is some precaution that will help keep you safe.

Carrying a pen-knife, pepper spray and a body spray close at hand while travelling is a great way to escape being attacked or taken advantage of when backpacking. Learning a few self-defence moves can also prove to be handy when it comes to avoiding an attack from people looking to take advantage of travellers.

There have been many instances of a number of backpackers and travellers being attacked and even killed by locals, thieves and bandits in many places around the world. For a traveller, staying at home is not an option, even the house on numerous occasions as proved to be unsafe with many people being killed in their houses.

While travelling safety of bags can be ensured by locking bags appropriately and using chains to secure the bags when needed. Being alert about one’s belongings especially pouches and hand bags is a must. Many travellers use these to keep their money, valuables, passports and other important documents. Thieves are well aware of this and most of the times end up picking these up as people keep their guards down during breakfast, meals and drinks time. Staying alert 24X7 while on a trip is a great virtue as it helps you stay safe and away from trouble.

Staying with the group or in a crowded place and avoiding going to dark, lonely places alone or with strangers while on a trip is advised. Most instances of nuisance and harm to travellers has come when they are alone and easy targets. Avoiding any such instance is best.

As a traveller staying clear of arguments is a must, it is better to carry out a study of the places you wish to visit. Choosing to have a map and a fair idea of the place is a huge plus as the chances of getting cheated and being taken advantage of is low.

A traveller when out discovering new places also has to content with the unknown dangers that lurk, staying safe and vigilant at all times is the best way to stay trouble-free in an unknown land.


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