Ten experiences at our Kutch Homestay

Staying in a homestay is an experience in itself. It’s very different from staying in usual hotels, hostels etc. It gives you a homely feeling away from home. You can have a similar experience in one of our village homestay at Hodka village in Kutch.

Family: Staying with a family away from your home will surely not let you miss them. You will soon realize that these strangers are warm, welcoming, and caring people who want to help you have an incredible time.

Language: Learning a second language in the classroom is nothing compared to the immersion you will receive when living with a host family. You may have already mastered the grammar basics and some useful vocabulary in your language of choice, but did you learned the regional slang? Have you engaged in conversation over dinner about life, travel, and culture in your new place?

Culture: When you live in our homestay, you will have a deep insight to their culture. You will also see different people with different dressing styles and habits. It’s a good opportunity to learn something different.

Authentic food:  Food is a lens into history and tradition, and it is one of the many aspects that make a place unique. Living in our homestay gives you the opportunity to sample the most authentic versions of dishes you may have tried before. You can actually enjoy the cuisine of Gujarat at it’s finest.

Family feeling: At our homestay, you are never treated like an outsider. You are treated like a family member. Our homestay people make sure you have every comfort which is needed and they are always happy to help even at 2AM!

Bonfire: One of the most amazing experience of our homestay is the bonfire! You can enjoy the Bonfire anytime 24×7. You can just chill by the Bonfire with fellow travellers and just gossip, play games or do whatever you like.

Local artists: There are many local artists performing local songs and dance in the village. You can actually request for a performance by paying a minimal amount and enjoy the traditional Kutch performance. It’s a must have experience.

Children: Who doesn’t love children? Our homestay have plenty of local village children who will just drop by and give a smile to you. You can have a good time interacting with them and yes, they are always on for a selfie!

Spacious rooms: You don’t have to miss your bedroom and cozy bed when you are on our trip. Our homestay has good traditional spacious rooms. You will definitely enjoy your stay and you will not miss home.

Traditional village ambience: Our homestay is a traditional local village style built by the locals of Hodka village. You can actually experience the village style life by staying in our homestay. Very warm people with equally great ambience. You should come to experience it.

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Text & Photography : Ankit Chaube


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