Ten must try street food in Kasol

Kasol is like the base camp for most backpackers and it does serve up some yummy street food. What’s more, the chilly weather out there makes your stomach crave and your taste buds call for more. Here are 10 street foods we recommend.


This dish is a Kasol fan favourite. Steaming hot momos are served best at Shambu’s street stall with two lip smacking chutneys. Make sure to eat a plate or two here!

Egg Paratha

Strengthening and stuffing, an egg paratha from Sonam Tibetian Dish makes it a great breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on what your tummy calls for.

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

The official morning drink of Kasol, a piping hot ginger lemon honey tea is a must have to warm you up in the chilly Kasol weather.


Would you want to miss out on a plate of Maggi by the street on a breezy evening? Of course not! This traveller favourite food is made with a twist in Kasol. Go to any one of the many eating joints in the small Himachali town and make sure to have a pipping hot plate of Maggi.


A watered soupy Tibetan noodle dish available in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. This one is a must have food at Sonam Tibetan Dish. If you’re under the weather, this is the ideal version of comfort food.

Waffles and Crepes

Sit by Moon Dance Cafe and indulge in mouth watering waffles and crepes. Just a heads up; you might end up making this as your main course meal.

Apple Crumble Pie with Coffee

If you are a coffee person, an apple crumble pie from German Bakery at Moon Dance Cafe is the perfect complement. One bite and one sip at a time to your heart’s content.

Watermelon Juice

If you’re neither a tea or coffee person, a watermelon juice will satisfy your taste buds. Walk down the street and have a mug at any juice centre in Kasol. The weather which is mostly chilly adds to the bliss of having a mug full of this fruity drink.

Rice Beer

A glass of Chang or rice beer has little to no alcohol content but is a specialty here. Local guesthouses usually serve this drink on request. Give it a try!

Kasol Special Apples

Last but not the least, head to the market and pick up a few Kasol apples. These are sure to help you on your bus journey from Kasol. The rosy cheeks of the Himachali people have these as the secret behind them. Juicy and apples like you’ve never tasted before, these ones are crunchy and munchy.

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