Ten reasons to buy a backpack

The main notion of backpacking is to have an unplanned trip. To take an expedition without a destination and make full use of your journey. During this journey, a backpack acts like your companion and is your saviour at all times. Here are 10 reasons to buy a backpack along with making you a traveller.

  1. Mobility

A backpack does not only give you the feeling of being more adventurous but also helps you be. With a backpack you will face lesser problems while catching a flight or running for a bus as it is always on your back.

  1. One time investment

In comparison to a suitcase, a backpack is proven to be sturdier while travelling. Most backpacks also have a longer warranty period than suitcases. A good one can last for at least five years, if not more with daily travelling.

  1. Easier to squish under a seat or throw on top of a van

The beauty of backpacks is that it fits anywhere. It could be thrown on top of your jeep or vehicle or be pushed under your seat. You can also use your bag to rest your legs.

  1. Great pillow

One of the best advantages of having a backpack is you don’t have to carry a pillow. It will not only help you pack one less thing, but will make your journey much more comfortable in trains, buses, cars or any other mode of transport.

  1. Keeps you responsible

Since you have all your luggage on your back, it makes you more alert and responsible. You will never lose sight of your belongings which will help you from misplacing it.

  1. More compartments

A backpack has much more compartments in comparison to a suitcase. This will help in better organisation of your luggage. It will also speed up in looking for a particular belonging. You can also avoid damaging of your belongings since it is compressed in different compartments of your bag.

  1. Light weight

The idea of a backpack being heavy during travel is completely false. A good one helps balance the weight perfectly on your shoulders and back making it flexible during your journey. Being a backpacker, it is also important you travel light since you can explore more and carry more memories back home.

  1. Suits all kinds of terrain

With no trolleys attached, a backpack can be used in any kind of terrain, weather or climate. Its rugged material will help you keep your luggage intact. You also worry less of the backpack getting spoilt since it is more rugged and strong. It does not even make noise like the other suitcases and does not get stuck in different places.

  1. Easier to wash

Finally, a backpack is much easier to wash. Most backpacks are made of materials that dry up in no time. This keeps no barrier between you and your next adventure and saves on ample of time.

  1. Because you are a backpacker

And lastly, because you are a traveller and not a tourist, you deserve a backpack to keep you motivated along the way and to remind you to keep moving.

You need this companion – a backpack as your pillow and your soft toy. The sight of your backpack will refresh your journey of various adventures and remind you of your discoveries and memories.


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Text: Ravina Banze


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