Ten reasons an IT guy needs a solo trip

A lot of people find travelling alone stressful, perhaps even terrifying. Personally, ones most cherished memories are gathered while they travel solo. Here are some reasons why Information Technology professionals who are always with full plates of work need to ditch the computer and explore the world.

1) Disconnection from the black mirror
It makes you more engaged with the world around you. Since IT guys have their eyes glued to the ‘Black mirror’ most of the time, it’s really relieving and necessary to take a break. And lay your 30 thousand mega pixel eyes on them serine soul filling water streams and rivers, those huge mountains, and of course on those varieties of plants, shrubs, trees.

2) Stand up to fears
IT guys get few opportunities to face up to  fears during everyday life. Travelling alone is a great way to see what you’re made of and face rational fears like getting lost, handling money, communicating in another language and figuring out situations like missed trains.

3) A step outside your comfort zone
Humans are creatures of comfort, and this is true for IT guys – comfort zone is a natural and neutral state. Being slightly uncomfortable, whether or not by choice, can push to achieve goals one never thought they could. Challenging oneself will help you perform at your peak.

4) Sense of accomplishment
You didn’t just go to Kasol; you went to Kasol by yourself. You made all the flight and hotel and train arrangements without crowd funding  You navigated from city to city. You saw amazing things. You met new people. You didn’t lose anything or have anything stolen or make a total fool of yourself. You did all this by yourself, and that’s an awesome feeling.

5) Travel gadgets
Gadgets are becoming more and now prevalent in the modern age. Some of them are just to fun to miss, others add extra convince to our experience, yet others open up new realms in the world of technology.

6) Trying new things will make you more creative
It will help to give a new angle on the project you are working on. In becoming a person who regularly takes calculated risks, challenges yourself, and tries new things, you’ll cultivate openness to experience, one of what’s known in psychology as the ‘Big Five’ personality traits. Openness to experience — which is characterised by qualities like intellectual curiosity, imagination, emotional and fantasy interests, and a drive to explore one’s inner and outer lives- has been shown to be the best predictor of creative achievement.

7) Exclusive experience
Travelling is an exciting and special experience, but when you share it with people who you usually meet there’s a level of monotony to it  That’s not to say that travelling with others isn’t great, but when you go alone, you have memories that are sure shot new. You’ve experienced things that are special to you and you alone.

8) Leave out all the rest
Everyone travels to “leave it all behind,” but when you’re traveling with your college friends or your entire extended family, what are you really leaving behind? You’re spending time with people who already know you; you all know exactly what to expect from each other. By travelling alone, you distance yourself from all aspects of regular life and have time to discover new sides of yourself — and experience a completely foreign place without a support network.

9) It boosts self-confidence
Whatever you do on your solo trip, you’re left to your own devices. It may take a while to adjust, but eventually you get really good at finding the right information, assessing situations and making decisions on your own. Every time you make the right decision and complete a wonderful journey, it boosts your self-confidence and sense of autonomy.

10) You become a better traveller

When you travel alone, you have to organise all the ins and outs personally. That can be quite a challenge at first, but once you’ve successfully booked your flight, train, bus, hotel and whatnot, it gets easier the next time around. Until you know no different and are completely self-sufficient.

That said, wishing you a very pleasant solo trip!

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 Text by- Atif Kader


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