Ten things to do in Dhankar

Dhankar, a village that will make you question reality with its architecture and its scenic view. Here are 10 things to do in the sacred town of Dhankar.

  1. Wake up to the monastery 

The new monastery in Dhankar is situated in such a place that the entire village and the snow clad mountains can be seen right from your window. Wake up to this view on both sides of your bed with the real traveller feel. You can also share your dormitory and meet like-minded travellers.

  1. Towers of erosion

On your way to Dhankar, in the main village you’ll find tower like structures formed due to soil erosion over the past years. Found only in this valley of the country, click a picture with these unique sculptures.

  1. Hike to the Dhankar Lake

Near the  village of Dhankar is a small trail that will take you to the Dhankar Lake. The hike is around 2.5 kms with a view that will amaze you. Remember to stay hydrated always and walk around the rugged mountain with ease.

  1. Spin a 360 near the lake

If the hike made you question if you really want to complete it, then certainly the view of the lake will answer your question. The pristine Dhankar Lake will leave you awestruck and this is only justified when you spin a 360.

  1. Skipping stones

Challenge your friend to a game of skipping stones in the clear blue water of the lake. Take a boomerang of a lifetime with a view covering the mountains, the forests and the lake.

  1. Watch the sunset from the terrace

While in Dhankar, do not forget to just sit on the terrace and watch the moving clouds, the sunset and sunrise. It’s a different feeling when you look at the sky from such a short distance. It will surely give you the feeling of being in paradise.

  1. Light a chunmai in the old monastery 

The Dhankar monastery is one of the few places where the chunmai (butter lamp) is allowed to be offered because the monastery is made of stone. They say if you burn a chunmai your wish definitely comes true.

  1. Walk down with the shepherds

On the way back from the lake, you will find not just fellow travellers but also fellow shepherds  and their cattle. Due to the shortening of winters, the pastures are going extinct and so are the shepherds. Take a selfie with the animals or just walk with them, it will surely give you the feeling of being in the wild.

  1. Try the Nutella pancake

The Nutella pancakes served in the Dhankar monastery are definitely worth a try. Give it a shot and feel at home eating it at 12700 ft above sea-level.

  1. Nap by the lake

Once you finish the tiring hike, it is best to just take a break, listen to some soft music and just take a power nap. It will make you feel fresh and all set for the walk back.

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