Ten things to do in Hunder, Ladakh

Hunder, the bustling tourist village in Nubra Valley, Ladakh has a lot more to offer than just the camel ride and pictures in traditional Ladakhi attire. Here are a list of things to do in the desert village of Hunder.

1. Sand Dunes

The star attraction in the village is the desert sand dunes which over the years has become one of the main tourist hot spots in Ladakh.  Walk as far away from the crowd as you can and just sit and watch the sun go down.

2. Camel Ride

Native from Mongolia, the Bacterial Camels had come to Ladakh during the silk route time for trade purposes. In Hunder, the camels play a pivotal role in the desert experience. A joy ride on a camel ranges from 15 minutes to an hour.

3. Home Stay

Hunder is literally flooded with luxurious campsites and hotels but opt for a home stay which will surely have top class room and a homely feel. Nothing beats a home cooked meal with all the veggies coming straight from the garden outside.

4. Shayok River

The Shayok River flows all through the village and is the perfect place to sit, unwind and find peace in the morning if you have a tendency to wake up early. Don’t waste your time morning waiting for breakfast, walk down to the nearest river side from your home stay and chill.

5. Pluck Apples

Travel to Hunder from mid-August to October and the entire village is red with apples. Every guest house, camp site and home stay will have at least a handful of apple trees and the locals are more than happy to let you pluck a few of them.

6. Beer

Nearly all the guest houses and home stays in Hunder which are run by Buddhist provide beer. For those who are looking for a sip of alcohol after a long ride or drive to Hunder don’t need to stress about carrying alcohol it’s easily available in the village.

7. Explore

The village is extremely safe and has plenty of lanes and by-lanes. If you want to get a real feel of the place then it’s best to strap your hiking boots on and take a stroll around the village.  An hour or two is more than enough to explore the entire village.

8. Play

Every guest house has a garden and plenty of open area where the kids from the houses are always out playing join them in a game of tag or gather your buddies and play a game of Futsal or box cricket.


9. Bonfire and BBQ

Carry the necessary ingredients needed for a BBQ from Leh including the meat and masalas and a humble request with the guest house owner and he or she will surely agree to arrange for a small bonfire. The combination of the two with the cold night and starry sky will just make this the best BBQ of your life.

10. Star Gaze

On a clear night, you can even see the entire Milky Way from the roof top of your home stay, you are that close to the sky and you don’t even need a telescope. Just layer up your body with all the woolens you have and head out to the terrace and you’ll easily spot at least five shooting stars in the first half an hour, if not more. If the odds are with you and the sky is clear, you’ll surely have the best night with nature of your life.

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