Ten things to do in Nako, Himachal Pradesh

Nako is the first village along the Kinnaur-Spiti Valley route which will give travellers a firsthand feel of the Trans Himalayan culture. Given below are a list of things to do in this tiny shepherd’s village.

Nako village is elevated at 12000 ft above sea level. Structured in a way where the lake is right at the centre and surrounded by houses of the village on all sides, it is definitely one of the prettiest villages of the Kinnaur Valley.

  • The Gompa

At the entrance of the village and overlooking the entire valley is the Tabo Monastery which is known as Gompa locally (Gompa is a Tibetan word for monastery). The monastery has its interiors made of sandalwood and is one of the many Buddhist temples along the circuit.

  • Get lost

The village of Nako is a tiny cluster of houses made of stone and wood which makes a simple walk through the village a fun maze activity. Where in each lane has a story of its own to discover. From cows and donkeys posing for a selfie to kids place outside their homes. Getting lost is a absolute must thing to do in Nako.

  • Home stay

There is no better way to experience the Himalayan life than by living with the locals. Nako has plenty of home stays which offer not all a great experience but also a comfortable bed and a home cooked meal.

  • Talk to a local

The locals from the village are very friendly and are always willing to have a quick chat. “Julley” which means hi or hello in Tibetian is a excellent way to start the conversation. The elders from the village are the best to talk to and get all your questions answered.

  • Prayer wheel

The entire village has plenty of tiny prayer wheels which when rotated clock wise is believed to bring good karma.

  • Chill by the lake

At the heart of the village is a tiny sacred lake which is fed by melting glacier water and is generally deep green in colour. The lake is a must visit and an ideal place to spend a couple of hours doing some much needed, soul searching.

Skip stones

Grab a couple of flat surfaces pebbles from around the lake and try bouncing it over the water.

  • Hike

The mountains around Nako has plenty of short hike which will give travellers a bird’s eye view of the entire village. It’s a must do for the adrenaline junkies.

  • Sunset

The sun in Nako as in the rest of the valley sets pretty late by 19:00 HRS. Climb on top of the home stay or guest house roof and grab a cup of chai and sit and watch the sky change colour.

  • Take a selfie

The rugged look that the village has makes every nook and corner of the village a perfect spot for a selfie. A selfie with a wide angle camera will just take it to another level.

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