Ten things to do in Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh

Rewalsar is a small pilgrim town in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh which has a lot to offer other than just the monasteries and temples.

Here are a list of things to do in the town.

1. Monastery stay

There are four monasteries around the lake and all of them have guest houses within the temple premises. If you are looking to get a first hand experience of Rewalsar this is a must do.  

2. Spiritual walk

With four monasteries, a temple and a Gurudwara all are within a 200 meter walk around the lake. A visit to all the religious houses takes less than an hour to complete and is something which will surely bring some peace of mind.  

3. Meditation caves

Above the town is a giant rock with prayers all over, which houses Buddhist meditation caves. A short 30 minute hike from the town and a absolute must visit for everyone.

4. Laphing

Flat yellow noodle served in a bowl with some chunks of soya, a bit of chilly sauce and vinegar. It’s a must have and is the perfect evening snack while in Rewalsar.

5. Mini zoo

The town has a small zoo which houses a couple of Himalayan black bears, a herd of male and female sambhar and a few other animals.  At an entry fee of Rs 5 per person it is surely worth every penny.

6. Arjun Lake

Situated above the town of Rewalsar is a small water body which is named Arjun Lake by the locals and is the perfect place to spend some time soul searching while in the Himalayas.

7. Unlimited Thali

Around the bus station, there are plenty of dhabas which serve excellent all you can eat veg thalis at a very nominal cost.  It’s the best place to eat and also the most economical way to pulling on days in Rewalsar.

8. Shopping

Being a major Buddhist pilgrim centre, the town has numerous stalls and shops selling various Buddhist religious articles and art pieces.  The Tso Pem t-shirt sold in a few monastery run shops which are excellent souvenirs to take back home.

9. Tso Pem

Located in the heart of the town is a lake by the name Tso Pem and legend has it that lord Padam Sambhamava created the lake and the town.

10. Stay a couple of days

Rewalsar is such a lovely town that a night is not enough. Stay at least three nights if now more. It’s the kind of place which will just grow on you.


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