Ten things to do in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

The far eastern part of India is bordered by Tibet and Bhutan, Tawang is home to the second oldest monastery in the world.  Here are a things of things to do while in this area.

  1. Home stay

You are in the Himalayas and more importantly in the north east of India. There is no better place to stay than a home stay where you actually cook, chill and live with the natives from the region.  It’s the best way to get a experience of daily life.

2. Monastery

The second largest monastery in the world and the largest in India, Tawang Gompa is an epitome of peace and is an absolute must visit. You can spend an entire day at the monastery, meeting lamas and just being by yourself.  

3. Buddha statue

Over looking the entire town is a 75 foot golden statue of Lord Buddha.  It’s just 400 metres uphill from the old market in Tawang.  It’s best place to catch at sunset timelpase.  

4. The beautiful game

If your a football fan or not, this is something you must do. Every evening, children and adults from Tawang can be seen with a football from every lane to ground. They just love football and it’s a real treat to watch them play. The flair and passion is testament to why north east and more specifically Arunachal Pradesh is called the football capital of India.  You’ll feel good after watching them play. 

5. Tibetan food

With a heavy Buddhist influence in the region, food served in Tawang is predominantly Tibetan from momos , thukpa , tentuk and fried rice. It’s a place where you have to eat and try out the local cuisine.

6. Road side bonfire

The days are extremely short in Tawang and nights are cold. Sunset is around 5 pm daily and post sundown every 50 metres, locals set up all bonfires to keep themselves warm. It’s the best place to meet and interact with locals.

7. Post cards

With long cold nights and excellent 4G network coverage, Tawang is the ideal place sit down and send your loved ones a few post cards.  It’s an excellent way to do something for some good karma.

8. Cycle

With uphill steep slopes and winding narrow roads, Tawang is an ideal place to go mountain biking. Motorbikes and geared cycles are available for rent in the old market. For those who like the adrenaline rush and need some activating, it’s a great way to explore this mountain town.

9. Shopping

Tawang has an excellent market for shopping from first copy branded shoes to Tibetan crockery, the shops also have a variety of winter wear. Remember to haggle a bit while shopping in the market.  

10. Stay a few days

This is a Buddhist town unlike any other in the entire country. From the minute you start the drive past Sela Pass you’ll begin to fall in love with the entire region.  While planning a trip try staying at least three days in Tawang in order to get a complete feel of the place.  


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