Ten things to do in Bhandardara

There aren’t many options when it comes to camping in Maharashtra or camping around Mumbai but over the years Bhandardhara has become one of the most frequent and energetic camps for The Land Of Wanderlust (TLOW). From travel to food to tents, TLOW does it all, so here’s a list of the top 10 things to do at Bhandardhara.

1. Star gazing

The record for the most shooting stars spotted in a night at Bhandardhara stands at 16!
The clear skies, dark surroundings and silent atmosphere make it the perfect night for star gazing. Lie down with your friends and watch the stars and compete to see shooting stars. Download Google Sky Map.

Camping at Bhandardara
Photo By-Yogi Gharat https://www.facebook.com/ocularimpressions/

2. Do it yourself BBQ
From chicken salamis, frankfurters, kebabs and meatballs to veg kebabs, paneer and aloo tikki served along with mustard and ketchup. The fun part about our BBQ is its easy to cook and our campers love  grilling their own food on the camp.

bbq for dinner in bhandardhara

3. Dance
The wide open space and dark surrounding makes the camp spot better than a club to dance till you want to drop under the starry sky.

4. Pull Hooka
Pulling hooka is always fun and is better at Bhandardhara thanks to the low temperatures and enjoyable atmosphere. TLOW provides complimentary hooka for every camp. Double Apple mint is the flavor. 

pull hooka at bhandrahara

5. Keep yourself warm
Sit besides the fire, have another peg but keeping yourself warm is more of a necessity than a want at Bhandardhara, with temperatures dropping to 12° and dew setting. You require more than just a sweatshirt to keep yourself warm and cozy. The tents make the night easier for the campers; also the fire serves as a saviour.

Camping at Bhandardara

Photo By-Yogi Gharat https://www.facebook.com/ocularimpressions/

6. Watch the sunrise
Getting up on a cold morning after sleeping outdoors is a tough task, but is worth it because of the beautiful sunrise, that one can behold. The sun rising over the mountains and reflecting over Arthur Lake is clearly visible from TLOW’s camping spot. Watching the sky change colours is a rare phenomenon but it is quite common at Bhandardhara in the mornings.

watching the sunrise at bhandardhara


7. Have Google bhajiyas
The Google Bhajiyas at Cafe Dam Corner in Shendi are a must have and are the first things served in the evening to TLOW’s campers. Named by local stall owner Sanjay, who was featured on a traveller’s blog which is easily found online via Google, the bhajiyas have become a crazy for everyone who has camped with TLOW at Bhandardhara.

google bhajiyas at bhandardhara

8. Jeep top ride
Travelling over a moving vehicle is banned all over the country as it is dangerous but TLOW campers live for adventure and a roof top jeep ride is something they would die for! Since the inner parts are rural, the drivers driving between Ghoti and Shendi allow people to sit on top of the jeep roof, and enjoy the view of the valleys and mountains besides them.

9. Lake selfie
How can a camp be complete without a selfie? Since the lake is easily in view, a selfie with the lake in the background is a must have to show off in your college or office. You never know it may become you next display picture too!

camping with lake view at bhandrdhara

10. Lassi at Kasara
The Mahanand packet Lassi is only available at Central Railway stations and it makes it a must have for all Lassi lovers after the long ride to Kasara. The stall is located just at the exit of the station and the Lassi is sold for a humble Rs 15.

P.S. If your taking the train with us from Dadar to Kasara we suggest you download some fun multiplayer games on your phones which will not only make the train ride seem shorter but will also help break the ice with your co-travellers in minutes. Eg: Chain Reaction.

So when it comes to camping around Mumbai or camping in Maharashtra, Bhandardhara is the go to place and these are the must do things! When are you camping with TLOW, next?


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