Ten things to do in Tosh

Tosh, a small backpacker village in Parvati Valley is now the hottest trending place in the valley. We at Tlow have complied a list of things to do to complete your Himalayan experience in the village.  Read on to know more…

  1. Hike

From Bharshani, the last stop on the bus, the village of Tosh is a short 3 km hike which takes around an hour to complete. The hike is very easy and is highly recommend at least on the way back from the village.  

2. Wanderlust cover picture

The first area which comes mid-way through the hike and stretches for a good kilometre and a half is a perfect spot to spend some time clicking pictures. With towering pine trees and animals grazing it’s the ideal spot.

3. Zero KM

A selfie or a group picture of the snow capped mountains, wooden houses and the Tosh 0 KM stone marker is a picture worth clicking and posting on social media. That’s the last point where 4G network works properly for all service providers.  

4. Spring Water

Bang opposite the stone marker is a small pipe which has glacier water flowing through all year long. No matter how unhygienic and toxic you feel the water might be, a sip of the same and you’ll fill gallons to take back home. You’ll be smiling after tasting the water.

5. Snicker Chappati

A must have for even the ones with diabetes. This simple preparation of a bar of Snickers rapped in simple Chappati and deep fried is easily the best dessert you can possibly get anywhere in the Himalayas. You surely won’t be content with just one.

6. Tosh Mandir

At the heart of the village, is a wooden temple dedicated to Sage Jamdagni Rishi. The temple is mostly always locked and is not open to outsiders even climbing the steps to the entrance. A picture from the temple complex is the maximum access a person has.

7. Sizzler

Again, another Tosh special which is excellent in every cafe in Tosh.  The chicken sizzler is simply lip smacking. Ideal to split one among two.  

8. Waterfall

A short 15 minute walk through the village and one will reach the village waterfall which is a great place to watch the sun go down and relax by nature.

9. Village kids

The children from the village have a rather strange way of playing every thing.  Sit along the railing of the temple complex by 5 pm and just wait patiently, the madness will unfold itself to you.

10. Boom

Finally, there is honestly no secret why Tosh has boomed up on the backpacker circuit over the last few years.  The herb is sold all over the village but being a banned substance in the country possession of the same will lead to a jail term.


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