Ten tips to travel with your partner

With all the hustle bustle of city life, we hardly get time to spend with our loved one.  In fact be it a new relationship or an old one both need that level of comfort and understanding that only come with travelling with your partner. A lot of people are scared and nervous before going on a camp or trip with the person they love. Most are scared of being judged or less loved. However, travelling with your partners increases the bond as well. Here are 10 tips to remember while travelling with your partner.

  1. Discuss the expense part 

No matter how rich your partner is make the expense part clear to avoid confusion and misunderstandings later on. As soon as you’ll plan your travel or vacation discuss the ways in which you both will share the travel or split the bills. One of the best ways in which you’ll can be fair is by making a joint account for your vacation and using money from that for all your expenses. This way you’ll can save some money every month for your next trip.

  1. Make the choice of the destination together

No matter if the relationship is just new or for many years take the decision of the destination together. This will avoid problems in the future and it will help in knowing both the partners opinions and their areas of interests. This increases bonds which will help in the future.

  1. Be ready to compromise

With living in being such a big taboo, get to know on this short visual of your future life regarding the sacrifices you have make. This will help you and your partner to get used to living with each other for most hours of the day.

  1. Do something new 

Take this time out and do something new with your special person. Get to know each other’s comfort zones and move away from it. This will surely bring a wide smile on your face years later.

  1. Try a weekend together, if very sceptical

If you are not very confident of the duration to spend with your partner, try a weekend instead. If you are scared of being judged or are not very comfortable with each other, try a weekend together in the beginning. This will help the two of you and your interests in future.

  1. Make packing and carrying equal 

To avoid fights and misunderstanding its best to carry one backpack per partner. This avoids fights over carrying bags on your travel. Let it add to your adventurous looks and give you’ll another topic to discuss rather than argue.

  1. Do not dominate

It’s your first trip with your partner and you wouldn’t want to ruin it. Do not act bossy, instead take the first step, asking your partner his or her choice of hotels, food, etc. You’ll can also sit down together and research about the place together and make the itinerary. Also, do not act dominating with the people you interact with on your trips.

  1. Try something different as couples

Rather than doing something new individually, try something new together. Try adventure sports like sky diving or scuba diving together. These activities help in building your trust with your partner and the excitement will help create a stronger bond.

  1. Do not pre-book

Instead of looking at the pictures on the internet and pre-book your trip, go to the place, and get a good deal. You will get a good deal for two in comparison to one person deals.

  1. Make memories

Finally, make memories with your partners. Push your boundaries, move away from your comfort zone. Do things you always wanted to do which will live for a lifetime. Show your partner how much you care about him or her.

Do not forget travel is the best and the only way which will increase your bond with your partner. Spend some alone time with your partner and get to know each other better.


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Text by Ravina Banze


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