Ten TLOW trips for college students

Find yourself trapped between the four walls of your classroom with your mind wandering through the mountains and beaches you crave to explore? Think you don’t have enough money to take a trip away from the city? Well… Think again!

Here’s a list of 10 The Land of Wanderlust (TLOW) trips every college student must go on:

  1. Camping under the twinkling sky at Bhandardara

Bhandardhara is the place to plan your class unofficial picnic to. From travelling on top of jeeps to staying up all night counting shooting stars, chilling with your best mates and have an incredible story to brag about on Monday. Beautiful Lake Arthur and the chilly nights by the fire with the barbeque cooking is something that will be etched in your memory forever.

Trip Cost- Rs.1000/-

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  1. Hampi cycling trip

All you need to plan a trip to Hampi is a long weekend and to know how to ride a cycle. Cycling on boulders and exploring the ruins is a must do for every college student. Hampi is a must for a battery recharge break seeking college student.

Trip Cost-Rs.4500/-

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  1. Gokarna beach backpacking

While the rest of your classmates are headed to Goa, pack your backpack and head to Gokarna. If you love the feeling of sand beneath your feet, the sun above your head and a cold beer in your hand the beautiful beaches of Gokarna are a must visit. There is paradise gained with tasty sea food and a trip to never forget.

Trip Cost-Rs.4500/-

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gokarna trip for college students


  1. African village of Yellapur, Hampi and Gokarna in 8 days

Want a mix of exploring and relaxing? Then take a few extra days off from college and join us for a backpacking trip around Karnataka. The smiling faces at the African villages of Yellapur and the view of the sun setting at Om Beach is something that makes you forget your daily struggles and deadlines.

Trip Cost- Rs.10000/-

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hampi-gokarna trip for collge students


  1. Backpacking and camping in Wai

If camping on the banks of a river and a village homestay draws your attention, then a weekend trip to Wai is a must do. The trip not only ends with some pleasant memories but also with you picking your own strawberries from a strawberry field.

Trip Cost- Rs.4000/-

To join us for a trip to Wai click here.

river side camping in wai


  1. Parvati Valley in 8 days

Boom in Kasol, explore the fairy forest in Pulga, hike to Kheerganga and make sure you forget all your college worries. A trip to the mountains can be a life changing experience and is surely what every college student needs to do before graduating.

Trip Cost- Rs.10000/-

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7. Camping by the beach: Revdanda

Revdanda lies on the western coast, 3 hours away from Mumbai. There exists a 13th/18th century Portuguese fort on its virgin shores. This beach is the perfect place to let go off your burden and breathe the fresh air, under a million stars.

P.S- it’s the perfect place for fish lovers

Trip Cost-Rs.2,000/-


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  1. The Himalayan Wanderlust Trail

The view of the high altitude lake hidden between mountains, followed by stays in Kasol, Pulga and Kheerganga will give you memories to cherish forever. This will be a trip like no other, with beautiful pictures to post all over social media.

Trip Cost-Rs.8500/-

To join us on a trip to Parvati valley and Parashar Lake click here.

college stips to parashar


  1. Rewalsar, Parashar Lake and Dharamshala in 8 days

What better way to learn about different cultures than actually visiting them! Unwind while camping at Triund or by shopping in the towns of Rewalsar and McLeodganj.

Trip Cost-Rs.10000/-

To join us for a trip around Rewalsar,Parashar Lake and Dharamshala click here.

triund camping.


  1. Desert backpacking trip to Rajasthan

If holy towns, royal cities, forts and desert camping fascinate you, then this backpacking trip to Rajasthan is all you need to prepare yourself for another semester at college. The colours and vibe of this trip will add relaxation to what is left of your college days ahead.

Trip cost- Rs.8500/-

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thar desert backpacking


Traveling is always fun and even more when you do it with your best buddies. In a country as diverse as India, a college student has many options for budget travel and must grab every chance he or she gets.


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