Karuna | Ladakh

Like every thrill head , Ladakh was on my list as well since a really long time I realise that if I wanted to visit this place, then my job can’t be an excuse. So within a day I made up my mind and called Sherwin to reserve a place for me. There were absolutely no second thoughts about whom to approach when it comes to travelling . having Been to assam  Meghalaya and Meghalaya with TLOW ,before , I wouldn’t go anywhere without them . I am writing this towards the end of this beautiful , shirt vacation. These few days, tlow has taken me to different world altogether. I experienced the nail biting cold in Manali and leh . I saw a part of Manali (old Manali ) where trance and hippie life abound. I had delicious home cooked and aromatic Rahwa at the guesthouse where we stayed. Ladakh us where we see nature at its best and worst. It might be pleasant and sunny one minute and rainy , stormy the other minute. In this beautiful place where Buddhism and Tranquility become humble and became one with nature . Today we visited the Pangong TSO lake and the view blew me away . The sparkling blue of the lake can take you into a different world altogether  . I do not want to tell you much about the trip because words can do not justice to what I experienced in Ladakh with tlow.

Why tlow you ask ? Oh I can give you a diary of reasons . Here are just few :

Unlike other travel group , tlow organise it’s trip with extreme passion . This is a job  away from a job . And this passion for travel is what you will experience when you travel with them

Their trip are away  are easy in your packet .oh you don’t believe me ? Look up any other travel group that takes you to your dream destination and compare their price with that of TLOW . You will get your answer

The perk is homestay and home cooked food. All the elite and five star hotel lovers you guys should definitely travel with tlow just to experience the kick you can get out of simplicity. A crazy , pothead , psychopath, travel guide , who can take a toll on you if you do not get sarcasm and dark humour . Always ready with a witty solution to your problems, mr Sherwin rebello is definately a personality that you got to meet .

I know I am going to come back to tlow for more . You still aren’t convinced ping me on Facebook and within a week , you will be planning your trip with tlow.

Loads of love Sherwin

A faithful tlow fan


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