The village by the Kamasutra temples: Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Located within the heritage town of Khajuraho is a small village which goes by the same name as the town. The Khajuraho village is located near the Eastern group of temples which is around a kilometer from the main town area.

There are multiple ways of getting to Khajuraho village. The first option travellers have is to hire a rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk) from the main town area; the rickshaws can sit up to 10 people and are the fastest and the costliest way of getting to the village.

The second option is to hire a cycle or a motor bike; cycles are a better option since its always more fun to pedal your way around the village. The third option is to walk to the village which is not a bad option if time is not your constrain since walking is the best way to explore the village and get a real feel of the place

Khajuraho village has a very rustic feel about it and the minute the local kids spot a tourist they come as a herd and demand money or chocolates. Most of the locals in the village are not very welcoming and demand money if they notice you clicking a picture of anything in the village.

The houses in the village are mostly made out of mud or bricks and have unique hand made doors which are mostly over a hundred years old and the windows of the houses are rectangular and don’t have any grills .

The houses are very basic from inside with absolutely noting just a room and a gas stove. Nearly all the houses in the village have no bathroom or toilet. It is a common site to see men and women of all ages bathing at hand pumps in the village or at the main well, which is situated in the fields near the village.

The main occupation of the villagers is either animal husbandry or pottery. A walk through the village and one will notice plenty of locals of all ages making clay pots of various shapes and sizes.

The Eastern group of temples is the main attraction which is located in close proximity of Khajuraho village. The Brahma temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the Vamana temple dedicated to the deity by the same name are much visit temples near the village.

Khajauraho village also has a couple of shops which sell handicrafts, postcards and other Kamasutra souvenirs. At every nook and corner in the village a random person will come up to you trying to sell Khajauraho guide books and Kamasutra books. Bargaining is a skill which will come very handy while shopping in the village.

The village has a couple of home stays which are not very light on the pocket for a budget traveller and a few decent restaurants. It is advisable to find a place in the main junction area near the western group of temples.

Khajauraho village is a must visit place for everyone who come pays a visit to this UNESCO world heritage site. It offers a look at the life of people in Madhya Pradesh from close quarters.


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