TLOW diary | Week 10 – Kasol- Manikaran-Tosh-Pulga-Chalal

March 2016

After so many months of overworking, frustration and stress, I really needed a break and planned to travel solo. That’s when I came across this trip on the TLOW Facebook page and thought it was just perfect. (Especially the cost ha-ha)

I reached Delhi two days before the reporting time to explore the city. Then I got to know I would be sharing the journey in Himachal with three female doctors from Mumbai. So it was an all girls trip!!

It was my first trip up north and I just did not know what to expect.


It was freezing in Kasol when we reached (-5°C) and having a bath in minus temperature got checked off my bucket list even before I entered. Haha. Manju didi’s haath ka coffee is one of the best coffees I have ever had. Loved the warmth of the home stay experience. Fell in love with Kasol, the hills, the river, the trees, the people. Can sit near the river for hours and the peace I found there was exactly what I wanted.

We got around an hour here. The sadhus (they have the proper Himalayan swag and look great in pictures), the temples and the hot springs make this place a must visit.


Tosh was one of the craziest part of the trip. Loved the cafe where we hung out. The drunk Mama, stoned foreigners, the ‘Roadies’ and all the drama that followed, will make Tosh very memorable for me. I may come back here only to see how the sober Mama is and obviously Jacky and my baby.


We trekked from Tosh to Pulga. Took us a while but I was totally blown away after seeing the village. It’s one of the prettiest villages I have ever seen. The cafe, the home stay was brilliant. Wish we could have stayed at the attic. Everything was so slow, calm, green and peaceful around. Absolutely loved this place.


Chalal was a short hike. Totally loved the walk on the shaky bridge. Sitting near the rocks, writing my post cards and having the sound of water gushing in the background was such a soothing experience. Later I found a small shady area in the middle of the rocks and dozed off. Best feeling ever.

What I loved about the trip

  •         The amount of freedom I got. No restrictions.
  •         The stories that the TLOW organizers kept sharing throughout the trip had me hooked on.
  •         The price! It’s pocket friendly and perfect for youngsters like me.
  •         The fact that I got the proper backpacking essence. Staying at local homes, local food, local bus rides, hiking up the pretty hills. It was perfect.
  •         How well TLOW handled four women alone.
  •         MAMA! Totally loved meeting him and he made our trip memorable and complete.
  •         The knowledge that TLOW organizers shared with us about the places we visited. Totally in awe with the kind of in-depth information they had about everything we asked.
  •         Concept of badges, TLOW wallets, etc.

Can’t wait for the next trip. Going to start saving as soon as I get back from this trip.




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