TLOW diary | Week 2 – Assam & Meghalaya

February, 2017

First impression:

Had signed up for the North East trip six months in advance solely sold by the blueprint and the dedication with which the entire content was structured. I generally research thoroughly before signing up for any solo trip and by far there is no contender for tlow mainly because of four reasons:

1-> Offbeat Experience:

You get to take home experience which is unmatched , untampered in its purest form.

Every homestay narrates a story people you will meet throughout families, drivers, guides telling you various stories about the place.

** Completely bowled over by the Majuli home stay.

2-> Tlow is no tour agency

We got to see a lot of additional spots on request and it’s not the usual package tour experience, you get to the best possible solo or group backpacking experience.

  • Sometimes taking four modes of transportation to reach a destination.
  • Free subscription on best or worst travel stories.
  • You quickly start planning your next trip in your mind because it is addictive to hear about the upcoming calendar.

3-> It empowers you

Because of certain depressing situations, I signed up solo without having usual apprehensions. But you get the most like minded trippers especially solo women travellers, it really broadens your attitude in overcoming situations.

4-> The Sherwin experience

His personality and the experience he brings along from day one, managing the entire trip, his enthusiasm to capture every special moment on the trip.  Interacting closely with every member on the trip and remaining grounded and calm and that really enriches the overall outlook of the trip.  

We had people from different cities, backgrounds and travel experience levels, but Sherwin made us gel well as a team.

At this young age, you already have a very strong vision and it’s inspiring to see you live your dream and make it this big.  

Added Bonus: For soul searching and getting lost this is the best experience and I am a strong believer in low cost travel options especially when you are making memories.

To sum it up, this was one of the best travel experiences I have had in a long time and I will remember this trip for a Life Time because.

  • North East couldn’t have been better explored.
  • Best solo experience so far.
  • Found my dream spot- Dawki, Umngot.
  • Found tlow.

Thanks for everything. 🙂


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