TLOW diary | Week 3 – Assam & Meghalaya

February, 2017

Today is the day I truly understood the difference between holidaying and travelling. To travel is to experience, to understand, to learn, to grow, to live somebody else’s daily life, and to create valuable memories. TLOW has given traveling a new dimension. It has redefined my want to be a well traveled person.

For me, this trip was all about stepping out of my comfort zone – to experience what life beyond the bubble I have created for myself. I don’t really know how much of a well traveled person I would be but this trip was a step I wanted to take for a long time, but didn’t have the courage to do so.

Sitting by the banks of the most pristine colourful lake of Dwaki, I realised the value of solitude – something that I don’t experience in my monotonous life.

The scenic road trips, the gypsy ride around the national park of Kaziranga, the stay at the bamboo guys on the largest river island in the world, everything reminded me of how amazing life could be if I had to just stop and look at what’s around me.

North East is an unexplored terrain that tlow has managed to make travellers fall in love with. Even the locals around us admitted that the North East is not typical traveller’s paradise, but what this beautiful place offers in culture, simple yet great food, welcoming smiles, children with rosy cheeks and countless priceless memories. This has been an experience that will be etched in my heart for eternity and I’m already looking forward for a new journey and experience.

Thanks tlow for an amazing north east trip. And thanks for turning me into a traveller.



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