TLOW diary | Week 5 – Assam & Meghalaya

February, 2017

Hey, there travellers. That’s what you become once you travel with tlow. You are no more a tourist in a new place but a part of the locals. This trip has been a change in perspective to what actual travel is. It has made me want to explore nature and travel more.

Tlow has been the only company to give a “backpacker” experience where you can be yourself explore at their place and live the moment without worrying about all the responsibilities and duties that come with authentic backpacking.

Tlow has changed my outlook towards travelling because the more you travel, the more you live. We live not to travel, but travel so that our lives don’t outlive us.

Sherwin has been such an inspiration. He has transformed us. We don’t wish to be the stereotypical tourist anymore. He has been practical and composed, yet fun and caring at the same time.

I would love to travel the world one day. But for now I’m a fan of tlow because that’s the way to live. And for now India is a huge wide country which I am going to explore with only tlow.

So wait for me guys.

Rachel, Melbourne


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