TLOW diary | Week 9 – Ladakh

August 2017

While I sit here facing a range of foggy mountains, I could do nothing but relate this trip to my favorite song. How the girl gets tired of her day in and day out job. She then decides for once and all to leave everything behind and be one with the road. She lives in a tent, bathes in the river and wakes up to the mountains. It’s just that I am not alone this time, but the journey is same.

This place is surreal, the home stays are homely, the monasteries so colourful and peaceful. That’s what I need in my life – colour and peace. The streams are chilly, the sun bright and the sand wet. It is still a mystery how we played games in the open. I travelled a thousand miles to this planetarium called Hunder. We stargazed there all night, and I lost count of the number of shooting stars I saw.

There is much to be said about Khardung La. The spectacular view, the over enthusiastic bikers and the snow-capped mountain and much more. The whole terrain towards Pangong Tso, seemed like a different planet. To write down about the beauty of Pangong, will do nothing but diminish the experience.

I remember, I was looking for some weekend trek and I stopped at one ad. On clicking it, I saw the calendar of TLOW, that took me to the Leh-Ladakh blueprints.  

Thanks for the trip TLOW! It was a truly memorable experience.



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