Become a Travel Expert with Tlow

As a travel expert with Tlow, you will get an opportunity to travel to all our locations across India and abroad.

Basic requirements:

  1. Age 23 and above.

  2. Create positive customer relations.

  3. Health and safety training (CPR).

  4. Guide individuals or groups.

  5. Ability to deal with physical demands of the position. Trekking for over 15km , high altitude acclimatization, etc.

  6. Working knowledge of terrain, environment and local area, etc.

  7. Photography skills.

Tier 3 Travel Expert: Level 1, one day travel activities

The first stage of our operations include. handling one day activities across Maharashtra. Being a camp coordinator for our campsites at Revdanda and Bhandardara.

Tier 2 Travel Expert: Level 2, two to five day travel activities

Once you have proved your ability, you will be eligible to travel for longer trips:

  1. Hampi.

  2. Gokarna.

  3. Kutch.

  4. Customized trips to Konkan, Sasan Gir.

Tier 1 Travel Expert: Level 3, five-15 days travel activities

Handle long form trips to all corners of India and abroad.


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