A virgin beach, fort and fishing village: Redi Beach, Maharashtra

Redi is a tiny fishing village along the Konkan coast of Maharashtra which is soon becoming the go to destination for many foreigners. Goa is around 34 km from Redi and the town of Vengurla is around 20 km away.

From Goa and Venrula there are multiple ways to reach Redi. The first option is to board a government bus from Panjim or Vengrula to Redi. This is the cheapest way to reach the beach village. The second option is take the Konkan Railway train and get off at either Sawantwadi or Kudal and then take a bus or taxi.

The third option is easily the most fun and thrilling way to reach this fishing village. Rent a scooter from either of the two place and bike down all the way. Biking is the best way to experience a road trip. Riding along the coastline and halting at small stalls for coconut water and some light snacks just makes the whole journey more memorable.

On the final stretch to Redi beach one will have to navigate through tiny village lanes where buffaloes are the cause of traffic jam. The last 200 odd metres one is riding on a thin tar road with paddy fields on either side and the sound of the waves keep getting louder as you get closer.

The beach in Redi is slightly different as compared to the ones in the neighbouring villages. To start with, it has a panoramic white sand view with sparkling white water, tall coconut trees and cashew plantations along the beach and to cap this all an old Maratha Fort which is now in ruins is lined along the beach. The fort is one of the main crowd pullers.

Since Redi is one of the lesser known beaches along the vast Arabian Sea coastline, the place still has a virgin feel to it. The beach is extremely clean with dogs running and playing, villagers trolling or sitting by the sea shore after a long day either fishing or in their fields and the youngsters playing cricket. At any given day, Redi beach has not more than 15-30 people including tourist.

The sun set at Redi beach is simply to die for with the sun turning from yellow to orange and then deep red as it sinks into the sea. Sitting at one of the beach shacks with a coconut in your hand and watching the sun go down is a must do at this beach.

The beach has a very unusual coast line which during low tide gives one a backwater kind of a feel. There are small puddles and streams evenly paved through the sand and the actual waves are a distance away.

Accommodation options at Redi are limited to a handful of beach shacks and home stays which are located in the village. Staying at either of the two locations cost nearly the same with only difference in amenities in the room and distance from the beach. The home stays have better facilities while the beach stays are very basic and simple.

The food options are again predominated by the Konkan culture with fish, prawn, squid, chicken and vegetable thali being the flagship dishes of this village. The tiger prawn thali is totally worth a try at the beach.

If you’re looking for a good place to unwind, relax and log off from your hectic work life then a couple of days on the white sands of Redi beach is the perfect way to get your physical, emotional and mental batteries recharged.


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