Vittala Temple: Hampi, Karnataka

Beyond the King’s Balance, the path leads to the Internationally famous Vittala Temple. General saying is that “In Hampi every stone has its own story”. Whereas in this temple every pillar has its own musical sound and it attracts every one and tempts them to touch and tap for the sound. Though Vitoba is a God of Maratha country, Vijayanagara Emperor regarded Vibota as a form of Krishna.

The Idol of Vitoba is not in the temple. Though the construction of the temple began in 1513 AD by Krishnadevaraya, it was continued by his successors Achuta and Sadasiva till its destruction in 1565 AD.

The temple stands, within high walls with 3 gateways on the east, south and north. The temple stands on a strong stone basement with richly carved designs of King’s horses, elephants, dancing girls and soldiers on the stone basement around the temple. The Dancing halls and Kalyanamantapas in the corners are equally worth noticing. In most of the big pillars, small pillars have been carved in such a way that they produce saptaswara. Vittalla temple is decorated inside and outside and from top to bottom.

In front of the main temple is the Stone Chariot. Though this little stone structure is not carved in a single block of stone, beautiful masonry work between joints is worth appreciation even now.

On the eastern gateway of the temple is another ruined car street and one or two ruined mantapas of no particular interest. This path will lead to the main road to Kamalapur.


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